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Meike Aton (Pronounced MY-kuh A-ten) is a German born artist who moved to the United States in 1979.  Her artwork is instantly identifiable because of the vibrant colors and textural techniques she employs.

Her creations have a larger than life feel to them, and many compositions are spread thematically across multiple canvases (referred to as a Diptych Triptych or Polyptych in the art world).

For Work

The sophisticated, powerful imagery envisioned in her work is perfect for an upscale office.  Choosing the right artwork to adorn the walls of an office sets the tone just as much as picking a strong logo or brand name.

For Home

Many clients purchase Meike’s work for display in their homes as well.  The rich emotions emitted by the color choices and textures can fill any space with energy.

Watch Meike Collaborate With Musician At A Recent Event

Meike visually interpreted the musical presentation of Elizabeth A Baker Sunday March 11 in Orlando


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